Ontario Global Adjustment
Immediate and affordable Class A vs. B business case analysis to choose the lowest
electricity rate for your organization.
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Take control of 70% of your electricity costs

INTERVAL ENERGY: Ontario Global Adjustment is an easy to use solution to help you manage the soaring line item charge of Global Adjustment (GA) on your electricity bill. The GA charge often accounts for up to 70% of the entire bill, making it crucial for an organization's decision makers to fully understand the electricity market and available rate options to lower costs and remain a competitive business.

The immediate feedback provided by our web solution will alow decision makers that operate Class A eligible facilities to understand:

Class A
Class B
Business Case
Cost Reduction

The information provided by our solution will guide you in the right direction to saving thousands or millions of dollars on electricity costs annually.

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  • How it works

    The Interval Energy web software solution follows a simple 2-step process to provide immediate understanding of where your organization stands in potential Global Adjustment savings.

    Contact your local electric utility to secure your hourly electricity consumption data. This data is provided free from the utility. Upload your data in the format shown in our Login page to receive the analysis on your Global Adjustment business case.

    Need help with any of the above steps? Your annual fee ($500/yr) includes full services from our team to cover both steps 1 & 2 above. Allow us to request your data on your behalf and send you the results from our web software.

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  • Additional services

    Our team will guide you through the entire process from gathering your utility data to uploading the data file into our web software to produce your Class A vs. B decision making report.
    We also offer additional paid services, including email, phone and webinar support to continue the conversation based on our software’s analysis to help you make an informed rate class decision.
    We will continue to work with you to explore further savings opportunities from creating a no-cost or low-cost action plan, gathering proposals for a shared savings contract, or pursuing capital equipment to help you save 100% of the Global Adjustment charge.

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  • Electricity market and cost savings insights

    Explore our learning modules to take full advantage of the information provided from your Interval Energy account.

    Learn more about
    Ontario's GA
    Understand the Class A
    rate class
    Understand the Class B
    rate class
    How to predict
    Class A peak days

    Understanding your peak
    performance charts
    What does a kWh cost
    during Class A peaks?
    Strategies to lower
    Class A costs
    Comparing all-in kWh
    rates for a sample site

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