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Comparing all-in kWh rates for various rate structure scenarios

The following section provides an analysis on a sample manufacturing facility in Ontario to compare the various “all-in $/kWh rates” for the different rate structures and cost reduction models.

The sample analysis considers a manufacturer with the following characteristics:

11,000,000 kWh
total electrical energy
consumed per Year
2,000 kW
maximum peak demand
occurring in the summer
Class A PDF of 0.00008628
based on peak day
performance of 1,900 kW

The analysis uses the above assumptions to calculate all of the various electricity costs on your utility bill, including:

Hourly Ontario Energy Price,
which could average around
Peak Demand charges vary by
specific regions, in this case
we will use $9/kW
Global Adjustment (GA) is charged
based on whether you have
opted into Class A or Class B

Using the above electricity costs, we break down the various "all-in $/kWh rates" for Class B, and various Class A savings scenarios. The methodology includes calculating all of the various estimated annual rates and dividing by the total facility consumption of 11,000,000 kWh/year that was mentioned above.

Class B
Class A
Class A
with 10% GA savings
Class A
with 25% GA savings
Class A
with 100% GA savings

All-in $/kWh rate

Total Annual Cost
$1,608,029 $1,543,348 $1,439,816 $1,284,518 $508,029

Savings Compared to Class B
-- $64,681 $168,213 $323,511 $1,100,000

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