Ontario Global Adjustment
Immediate and affordable Class A vs. B business case analysis to choose the lowest
electricity rate for your organization.
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Strategies to lower your electricity costs as a Class A rate payer

Save 10%
10% annual savings are often available through no-cost or low-cost methods, including techniques such as production scheduling, employee training, internal peak reduction action plan, and more.

Save 25%
25% annual savings are often available through a shared savings program with an equipment owner and operator (typically a battery developer). All 5 peaks are properly targetted and the GA savings are shared between parties (often 25% savings to the building owner, 75% savings to the owner/operator).

Save 100%
100% annual savings are available if you own your own equipment, typically a generator or battery, that you can deploy during the peak times to save all of the Global Adjustment charge on your bill.

Explore our services to help you save on Global Adjustment costs

We offer additional paid services, including email, phone and webinar support to continue the conversation based on our software’s analysis to help you make an informed rate class decision.
We will continue to work with you to explore further savings opportunities from creating a no-cost or low-cost action plan, gathering proposals for a shared savings contract, or pursuing capital equipment to help you save 100% of the Global Adjustment charge.

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