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Global Adjustment

Global Adjustment (GA) is a specific rate in Ontario that covers the cost of building new electricity infrastructure, maintaining existing generation resources, and providing conservation programs in the province.

The GA is often best described with the chart below that breaks down the monthly cost of various electricity generation technologies (nuclear, wind, solar, hydro, etc.) along with the cost of other programs and initiatives. The total monthly GA amount typically ranges between $800 Million to $1.3 Billion, which rate payers are required to pay off via their utility bill.

How do you pay your share of the GA?

How the GA amount is paid each month depends on the rate class that the electricity customer is participating in. The most common rate for small-medium businesses is the Class B rate, which charges a '$/kWh' rate towards a building's monthly electricity consumption. The other rate, typically for medium-large businesses as there are certain eligibility requirements, is called Class A and is based on a building's contribution to the top five system peaks over a year long period.

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